An engaging and dynamic speaker, Paul describes his life from a council estate kid from shepherds bush, to competing in the best league in the world and representing his country.


Paul explores how the determination, focus and the ability to overcome adversity, which started on the pitch, has found itself into the boardroom assisting all types of companies to realise their potential.

The drive to be the best is important to all, wherever you are from and the motivation to succeed is within us all, Paul really taps into this and attempts to encourage all to find their drive.


“Paul was authentic, funny and really engaged our audience well. Feedback from delegates has been excellent and we were delighted with his contribution to our event.”

Rachel Walker - Policy and Projects Officer (North) at AoC Sport



Addressing the most senior members of organisations, employees, vendors, partners and the public, Paul captivates audiences with his tried & tested leadership techniques, discusses the ability to adapt, change and overcome setbacks as well as applying the psychology of elite performance to ensure peak performance.

What sets Paul’s keynote speeches apart is his ability to deliver relatable, realistic and effective solutions that can be directly applied to real life business and life situations. They are also based on individual and group dynamics encouraging all to understand and embrace change.