Using all the experiences of success, failure, understanding pressure and performance and how to deliver on the big stage as a professional footballer, Paul has created a way of really encouraging individuals to explore where they are in their lives, and who or what they are.


Paul delivers self-awareness training in-group and 1-2-1 coaching sessions. These sessions explore you and what makes you tick, what improvements are required and how to achieve them. How to improve an organization’s productivity by improving the dynamics of a group and how an individual fits into their working team.

Strategies, processes and procedures are woven within the fabric of most organisations, but the ability to implement these is the challenge for individuals.

Do most have the ability to deliver when it counts?

Paul encourages exploration and reflection, creating a safe and challenging environment where honest open discussion and debate occurs allowing both groups and individuals the non-judgmental environment to acknowledge their experiences and create mechanisms to confront and overcome the numerous challenges faced in their working environment, wherever that may be.


Are people leaders, followers, dreamers, manipulators or procrastinators, and why?

Just where do they fit and why?


These sessions are personal and relatable, for the individual within the group, as well as the whole group.


Individual sessions

– examples of content -  

Who are you?

What motivates you to work where you do?

Are you ambitious?

What type of employee are you?


Group sessions

- examples of content - 

What type of team are you part of?

Where do you fit?

Are you a leader, follower?

How do you see yourself?

How do others see you?


Sessions are interactive and often group led with Paul facilitating but not controlling.